Ismael Prata is a fashion photographer based in Lisbon Portugal, passionate about photography
and experienced in fashion industry across Europe.

Sexy, vibrant and glamorous, Prata's work contains the boldness necessary for fashion photography,
and reveals not his own artistic ego, but a committed partnership between him and his team to achieve clients' expectations.

As a result, his work is multidimensional, in studio or in location, his vision travels from fresh and sexy approaches, to edgy and fashion-forward. Prata knows how to capture fashion in a way all of his own.

Prata featured his work in magazines such as Dsection Magazine, Maxim Portugal, Activa, Runway Peru; and collaborated with designers and brands like Diogo Miranda, Filipe Faísca, Sophia Kah, Manjerica, Seaside, Kaoâ, and Cubanas among others.

Lisbon, Portugal

+351 91 77 39 531